The CATALOG, the Israeli green product database, was founded by the Israel Green Building Council (ILGBC) out of a need to promote the green building industry in Israel and provide a fundamental service through the material world. It acts as a support for green building standards in Israel and promotes material selection sustainability in green buildings.

The CATALOG is an online platform that under one roof unites reliable information about sustainable alternatives to materials, products and technologies that are available in the local green building market. It allows users to discover comprehensive technical and ecological information on the environmental product alternatives available in the market, to compare between environmental products, and visit the Green Arena to develop an open social discussion through blog posts on the topic of material selection.

Products presented in The CATALOG have been carefully selected, with a full presentation of their relevant green product certifications and ecological benefits. The CATALOG is constantly maintained to ensure the reliability and quality of information presented on the website.

The CATALOG was developed with the help of a steering committee that included a variety of stakeholder representatives. It uses the professional knowledge available as an effective tool for architects, planners, designers, project managers, contractors, environmental consultants, students, and building owners. Users are quickly growing each month with around 3,200 users after only six months.

As a unique innovative sustainable tool in Israel, it provides a necessary service to the rapidly growing green building industry. An effective tool for selecting sustainable materials and environmentally friendly technologies for green building, The CATALOG helps significantly to bring green construction to the mainstream by raising awareness on the importance of product selection and life cycle thinking in the planning phase of construction.

The content presented on the site is comprehensive and encourages manufacturers and importers to act transparently and responsibly leading to constant improvement towards environmental excellence. We consider this site a community's growth engine composed of many environmental visionaries.

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